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So About MyOwnLittleKitchen....


When creating this show i was searching for a person who was a myriad of things. I wanted them to be impressionable, friendly, inviting, and lastly and most importantly for them to present well. I looked everywhere went to several businesses and even searched online for people who were on social media ... needless to say i returned void. Then one day my friend who is the home cook of this show (ROGER MICHAELS) sent me something he had made for a dinner party that he and his wife were to attend. Then it clicked why not ask him? so with that i reached out asked if he'd be interested in being the mascot for this brand and to my happiness he agreed.

Behind every successful cooking show, there is a dedicated cook that loves to share their passion. As the creator, producer and director, I put my heart and soul into every episode. My projects showcase how I ( along with home cook ROGER ) turned my vision into reality and offer inspiration to those who want to create something amazing. Mr. Michaels, has been my personal cooking hero. He has always inspired me with his amazing recipe selection. I have learned so much from him over the years, and I count myself lucky that I get to incorporate some of his tips and tricks into my own cooking. I know that his influence comes through in every dish made, and I can't wait to inspire others to explore the world of cooking like he inspired me through the production of this show.At My Own Little Kitchen, we love showcasing our favorite recipes and sharing our passion for cooking with our fans. Our home cook has been an important part of our team and has helped us bring our vision to life. We are dedicated to producing the best cooking content possible and working together seamlessly to make it happen. Thank you for your support!

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